New Super-Models of Social Media

The following are my notes from the session held as part of The Dealmaker Forum – Social Media | The Insider’s Playbook to Market Domination. This was a half-day mini-seminar on 30 April 2008, organized by Dealmaker Media, and supported by Fenwick and West.

  • Which companies in the social media space have the most effective business models today and why?
  • What’s actually working and driving revenue?
  • Are ad-based models sustainable, and if not, what will the new “super-model” look like?
  • Will it be a hybrid of ad revenue and monetized service?
  • Will business models begin to resemble cable TV and premium cable options?


  • Dave MCCLURE – Startup Advisor & Angel Investor, 500 HATS


  • Steve JANG – CMO & Head of Business Development, IMEEM
  • Dan SCHIAPPA – GM Strategy & Business Development – Entertainment & Devices, MICROSOFT
  • Mark SILVA – Founder & Managing Director, REAL BRANDING

Session Notes:

  • “Teens and young adults are spending more time on social media.”
  • “Rise in trend – inclusion of ‘social media’ elements as a form of enhancement by traditionally non-social sites, i.e. Netflix.”
  • “Social Commerce!” – Will 2008 be the year of Social Commerce?
  • “OpenID and data portability (i.e. microformats) – how does it affect user growth and level the playing field for niche/new players?”
  • “MySpace / Facebook platforms are the trigger for countless 3-to-4 men team creating web apps that could potentially bring in $100k revenue per month.”
  • “Crowdsourced user creation (Yelp) VS 1%-paying-for-99%-freeloaders (flickr, 37signals)”
  • “Performance Advertising (search) vs Display Advertising (social) – challenge of establishing appropriate measurement metrics, i.e. PPC, etc.”
  • User-engaged marketing is the ‘holy grail’ – encouraging consumers to spread the brand on behalf of the brand virally.”

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