Whirlwind trip to Tokyo, Guangzhou and Silicon Valley

And off I go!

This whirlwind trip sees me kissing the shores of Tokyo, Guangzhou, Hong Kong (transit) and Silicon Valley and saying farewell before the week is over. I know you seasoned business travellers probably have done way crazier itineraries…but hey, go easy on me man! I’m just starting out.

It’s a pity Singapore Airlines has yet to replace all of its 747s with 777-300ERs. If you’re trying to go to the Valley via Singapore, I’d recommend the Seoul-San Francisco leg – SIA plies those lovely 777-300ERs on that leg. Don’t get distracted by the larger LCDs (which are really nice btw), but also check out the USA-type power socket in your seats, even in Economy class! Nothing like a PSP hooked up to some juice to accompany me across the Pacific. I’ll probably be sleeping off this Tokyo flight though – lost some sleep the night before hacking at the blog, plus I’m flying the old venerable 747 🙁

There’ll be a nice buffet of Japanese, Chinese and American entrepreneurs on this trip, which should prove to be an interesting combination for some compare-and-contrast. Stay tuned for updates!

Update: Added link for compare-and-contrast

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