Of iPhone 3G and SingTel

If you haven’t signed up for your iPhone from SingTel’s pre-launch website, you’re too late – they’ve closed it.

Little worry though, if you’re not hopping onto the iPhone hype/bandwagon with both feet. I don’t know how reliable this source is, but those price plans don’t seem appealing to me at all. As a power user, I’d expect at least an unlimited mobile broadband plan. Stingy stingy, SingTel! I firmly expect competition (in terms of service plan features and prices) to heat up once the other 2 telecom operators get their pudgy fingers on that slick gadget.

As for me, I’ve succumbed – I pre-registered a week ago, and popped by the SingTel Hello! store at Bugis Junction to reserve one 16GB black iPhone 3G. In between now and 22nd August, I’ll be deliberating over the final purchase consideration, as well as my price plans (such as: should I ditch Starhub and gain additional savings by going with SingTel Broadband?)

Damn you Steve Jobs!

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