Olympics 2008 is all about China versus USA

These days, I make it a daily routine to flip the newspapers and check out the medal tally tussle going on between China and the United States.

Beneath all that talk about sportsmanship and brotherhood, smiling faces and gleaming medals, there’s a battle going on between one world-superpower-on-the-decline and one world-superpower-aspirant – a battle neither side wants to lose.

This year, wily ol’ Captain America isn’t winning as many gold medals as he should be, so he’s putting himself in pole position (read, Olympic Games domination) by counting his total medal tally. The descendants of the Imperial Dragon are claiming true victory by peddling their 43 gold medals over US of A’s paltry 26, and are dragon-flamin’ hot on the tail of Captain America’s 79 medals with 76 medals.

Shame on you, USA, if the Chinese beat you at your own game.

And I’m betting my bottom dollar on that happening by the end of the Beijing Olympics 2008. Mark my words.

About James Chan

James Chan is an entrepreneur, investor, geek, photographer and husband/father based out of Singapore. Apart from frequent travels to Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia for work, James can also be found online via his trusty 15" Retina MacBook Pro or iPhone 6+.