Comments on Singapore Entrepreneurs

I’m sitting in a conference room at the Suntec NUS Guild House listening in to Leslie Loh (of SystemAccess and NextView), and thought I’d pen down some of Leslie’s and my own thoughts and observations:

  1. Singaporean entrepreneurs need to learn to be better speakers.
    It’s really great to see Leslie share selflessly in front of a room full of entrepreneurs, but somehow the ‘X’ factor was missing throughout the 2.5 hour session. Maybe I’m being anal (being used to the flair and charisma of Ang Moh speakers) *shrugs* still, no harm in raising the general level of things eh? Turn on the charm and dazzle your clients, partners and competitors!
  2. More role models are needed
    I can count the number of recent (last 5 years?) successful entrepreneurs that are visible on one hand. The others are probably enjoying their small (in comparison to try Valley) exits, hiding in their obscene bungalows and whisking their kids around in their big expensive cars.

    Guys, step up and share your wisdom with us young ‘uns. Heck, the majority of attendees at this conference are all above 30 or 40! Don’t let Leslie hold the fort by himself.

  3. Singapore entrepreneurs need to be more daring and resourceful!
    Leslie recounted how he brought a demo of his half-finished product with 70% functionality to see SystemAccess’ first large customer in South Africa and mocked up the output of the full product, while giving the excuse that “the laptop was too small to load all the modules!”
  4. Quit complaining about how MNCs and other large companies don’t buy from startups. Find ways to help them justify and mitigate their risks in choosing your products.
  5. Every business needs to grow from its niche into the mainstream market. That’s how you scale your business.

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