Sequoia Capital heralds Dark Days ahead

If you haven’t been following the latest developments in Venture Capital land, this deck of slides by Sequoia Capital to its portfolio investees should quickly bring you up to speed.

It’s a really interesting time to be in the Valley right now – yes, I have been MIA for quite a while. Before the trip, I was busy preparing for it. I have been spending the past 3 weeks, on average meeting 3 to 4 startups/VCs each day, and the doom and gloom on Wall Street has definitely crept up onto Venture Capital land.

Out of 10 startups I meet, 4 – 5 have runways of less than a year and are desperately trying to fund-raise (good luck to them). The remaining 3 are hunkering down to stretch their runway to beyond 2 years, and the last 1 to 2 are sitting on a nice pot of cash but are nevertheless watching the market with trepidation.

More to come on the startups in the past 3 weeks – for now it’s report writing time!

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