If I were a Vulcan…

I would be enormously amused by the non-stop one-upping of showmanship, ego-fluffing, chest-thumping going on among the space-faring nations on this puny third rock from the Sun called Earth.

Over the past few weeks, I have received countless streams of terrestrial broadcasts concerning ‘major achievements’ by nations such as China and India. Amidst the subprime meltdown, the USA continues to pour billions into their space programs in their attempt to stay one step ahead of the pack in trying to land a man on Mars. Russia follows closely behind with their proposed modifications to the trusty Soyuz design for a Mars lander. Europe knows it cannot do this on its own (politically, financially, technically) and tries to buddy up with the big boys, by ‘slowing down’. Japan seems to have made plans to rub shoulders with the giants too. Of course, all this is happening on the backdrop of an uncertain future for the International Space Station (ISS).

God bless the humans and their push towards Space…the Final Frontier. *cues uninspiring remix of an otherwise inspiring Star Trek tune*

I do hope them humans can prove their worth to be admitted into the Galactic Federation, by cleaning up their act and working together on something for humanity and mankind, instead of mere political and military brownie points.

Bummer, back to my Vulcan meditation for the next 100 years.

About James Chan

James Chan is an entrepreneur, investor, geek, photographer and husband/father based out of Singapore. Apart from frequent travels to Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia for work, James can also be found online via his trusty 15" Retina MacBook Pro or iPhone 6+.