Indigo Pearl: Review and Reflections

Nothing could have prepared me for the luxury that awaited us at our Pearl Bed Suite at the Indigo Pearl on Phuket Island.  I had booked the flight almost a year in advance, and only decided on our choice of accomodations at the very last minute – 2 nights at one of the top resorts on Phuket couldn’t go very wrong when you’re traveling with your better half, could it? ;-).  Someone once told me that the best thing a man should do is to keep the two most important women in his life happy.  I’ll certainly remember to bring my mother back the next time.

Indigo Pearl - Pearl Bed Suite (Toilet)

Indigo Pearl - Pearl Bed Suite (Toilet)

Previously known as The Pearl Village, I was told that Indigo Pearl underwent an extensive redesign and renovation several years ago.  The architect, who was a successful and famous Thai local, certainly did not hold back in transforming the resort into what is arguably Phuket’s top resort today.  Holding true to Phuket’s tin mining days, Indigo Pearl screams of an Industrialized theme at every nook and cranny that you bother to look at.  Elements of nuts, bolts and screws, spanners, bulbs, and an assortment of all things industrial and mechanical are generously sprinkled throughout the resort.  Although the resort itself was located far from the towns of Phuket Town or Patong, one could get lost for days, reveling in the exquisite piece of art that is Indigo Pearl.

Our 56-sqm Pearl Bed Suite was nothing short of perfect – most memorable were the high thread count bedsheets and soft, comfortable pillows that I found difficult to pull myself from each morning.  The interplay of stone and wood finishings and postmodern furnishing, lighting and art superbly accentuated the resort’s theme, while keeping things chic and comfy.  The bedroom and toilet were very spacious, as were the large terrace.  I hate to say this, but the mozzies were very successful in keeping us from trying the outdoor bathtub that was privately positioned at the terrace.

Service also did not disappoint.  Our requests always resulted in prompt responses by the service staff, who also did an excellent job of staying out of sight.   For a moment, it almost felt like there was a service staff stationed at each resort block, running the treadmill ‘hamster-style’.  Somewhat anti-climatically, we returned to our room on our second day to find a small package on our bed, which turned out to be a local balm for mosquito bites *grimace*.  That item should be standard issue – not a very sexy gift to be putting on guests’ beds in my opinion!

If you’re considering Indigo Pearl, I’d advise you to save up some more moolah and go for at least the Pearl Bed Suites – we peeked into the Kelly Quarters, and although they weren’t shabby, the ‘wow’ effect would be a lot better if you picked a room at least one grade up.  Totally recommended for that romantic getaway, or that perfect honeymoon!

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