Banyan Tree Phuket: Review and Reflections

Perhaps it was because of the primacy effect – we had spent 2 splendid nights at Indigo Pearl prior to checking in to Banyan Tree Phuket;  – the famed Banyan Tree experience failed to impress us the same way Indigo Pearl did.  Or perhaps we were simply suffering the ailments of  having too much of a good thing.

We’d rented a Toyota Vios for our entire trip to Phuket as it made more economical sense.  A 15 minute taxi ride from the airport to Indigo Pearl cost us 200 THB.  In contrasat, our fully-insured car came up to only 950 THB per day.  Even though it was our first time at Phuket, a quick check with the maps and a word with the Concierge at Indigo Pearl had reassured us that we’d never get lost.  Of course, my army topographical skills and USA road trip experiences during my college-going days did come in handy.  The convenience afforded to us by our own rental car meant we were able to arrive in style at the villa-styled Banyan Tree Phuket.

Banyan Tree Phuket - Deluxe Villa

Deluxe Villa, Banyan Tree Phuket

Tucked deep within Laguna Phuket, the accolade-laden Banyan Tree Phuket is home to a wide range of luxurious and highly private villas – from the entry-level Deluxe Villas all the way up to the Double Pool Villas – one can definitely experience romance and tranquility, while golfing to their hearts’ content and having their fill at the 30 restaurants and bars.  Free buggy, shuttle and ferry services are also available for guests to traverse across all 400 hectares of Laguna Phuket.

There’s certainly a lot more to explore and do at Banyan Tree Phuket, as compared to Indigo Pearl.  Unfortunately (for Banyan Tree management), our hearts had already been wowed by Indigo Pearl’s new-age design, super-comfy pillows and mattresses, and its architectural and design intricacies.  I also think Banyan Tree Phuket did too good a job with their online photos – the larger discrepancy between photo and reality did little for its case against Indigo Pearl.

Because of our tight itinerary, we ended up spending more time out of the resort than back in our room – time is always a scarce resource while you’re on a short holiday.  On hindsight, Banyan Tree Phuket’s villas would have made for a much better location for a long relaxing stay, although if I’d wanted to do that, I’d have hopped onto a ferry and headed for Banyan Tree Bintan instead!  Enough prattling, I’ll leave you to decide for yourself with the following pictures.

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