Islands of Phi Phi

It would be blasphemous of us to give the Islands of Phi Phi a miss on our recent trip to Phuket. Being god-fearing people, and not wanting to miss out on idyllic sights, we signed up for a tour package to jet off to the blue seas and white beaches of Ko Phi Phi.

And off we went in our rented Vios – we managed to find our way to Sirey Island where the tour operator’s office was located.  It’s really hard to get lost when there’s only one highway linking North Phuket and South Phuket, and only one road to get into Sirey.

While the drive to our embarkation point was smooth, the (speed)boat ride to the islands wasn’t.  Riding against the waves left me naseous 30 minutes in, so we were really glad when they dropped us off at the first beach.

Phuket 2009

Scrawlings in the Sand

In all honesty, I wasn’t too impressed with the entire experience.  The popularity of the islands left them perennially swamped with tourists.  If I thought the crowds that we saw were bad enough, I was informed by our guide that the beaches were a lot more crowded pre-tsunami days.  Sensing an opening, I tried to find out more about his tsunami experience.  The only bits that I learnt was his involvement in fishing out dead bodies adrift out at sea post-tsunami.  However his jovial demeanour quickly darkened, and my better senses told me not to push the issue.

The corals were okay – live ones mixed amongst dead corals, with decent fishes.  The beaches were okay – fine sand mixed with refuse from tourists.  The weather was okay – bright and sunny, and a quick and sudden storm which we quickly skirted.  Everything was just…okay.

In this case, the photos came out better than my experience.  I’ll leave you to make your own conclusions.

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