A Quiet imbX 2009

I stopped by imbX 2009 at the Singapore Expo on its second day yesterday afternoon, and was surprised by how thin the crowds were this year round.  It seems the recession has not spared the fifth iteration of Asia’s purported largest tech show, leading organisers to reduce the show’s footprint.  According to The Straits Times, there are 1,932 companies exhibiting this year, down from 2,300 the year before.  The only booth that was bustling with activity was Samsung’s – the Korean chaebol had no trouble pulling in the (largely male) crowds with their liberal employment of scantily-clad booth babes.

A security personnel guards an empty entrance outside Hall 5

A security personnel guards an empty entrance outside Hall 5

Truth be told, even previous years’ imbX paled in comparison to some of the other international trade shows that I’ve been to, in Dubai (GITEX), Barcelona (3GSM) and Los Angeles (E3) – surprising, given the top billing this event receives and the level of emphasis STB places in making Singapore a top MICE destination.


Cyberjaya booth, by our neighbours from up north


High-tech monks at imbX, with matching bag from Alibaba

Some nuggets of news during this week, most of which were probably timed to coincide with imbX – I’ll update this as I come across more of them:

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