SingTel releases iPhone 3GS Upgrade Pricing

iPhone 3GS

Guess what?  SingTel is making the iPhone 3GS affordable for everyone with an early upgrade fee of S$600 + handset pricing as seen in the following chart.  They know I have an iPhone 3G 30-month contract that is barely into its 10th month, and because I am such a valued (read: data-hungry high-ARPU mobile subscriber with Apple Fanboy sticker on my forehead) SingTel customer, I will have the chance to lay my geeky hands on Apple’s latest iteration of its iPhone, the 32GB 3GS at a swell price of S$338.  This assumes a S$400 trade-in value for my existing iPhone 3G.

Singtel iPhone 3GS handset pricing chart

S$600 upgrade fee + S$138 handset price for 32GB version – S$400 trade-in of my existing iPhone 3G 16GB = S$338

Given that I have paid S$400 during the iPhone 3G launch back in Aug 2008 (S$200 cash + S$200 trade-in of my old mobile phone), making us pay an additional S$338 only 10 months on seemed like a major rip-off.

A quick visit to HardwareZone’s buy-and-sell forums threw up a resale price range of between S$700 – 800 for the iPhone 3G 16GB.  Seems to me a much better way to dispose of my current baby for almost no net loss, in exchange for a shiny new toy.

Shame on you, SingTel *clucks tongue*.  You should’ve saved me the hassle of doing it myself.

Update: I posted it on HardwareZone and sold it within 15 minutes.  Not too shabby…

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