Launch of SingTel Innovation Exchange

Come 14 July, SingTel will be launching the SingTel Innovation Exchange (SiX) – in the words of their eDM, SiX is “a unique program designed to give application developer communities access to Asia Pacific, one of the fastest growing mobile and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) markets.

SingTel Innovation Exchange (SiX)

Guest-of-honour Lee Yi Shyan (Minister of State for the Ministry of Trade & Industry) will be opening the event.  SingTel EVP (Business) Bill Chang will be elaborating on what SiX means to SingTel’s partners and customers, and also unveil the new SingTel Marketplace at the event as well.  Apart from these 2 chaps, representatives from Microsoft, Redhat, Google and will also be talking about SaaS and Cloud Computing in Asia.  My buddy Darius of tenCube will also be featuring on the ISV panel titled “Collaborate, Leverage and Win together”.

With SiX, and last year’s iChallenge, SingTel has taken some bold steps towards moving away from just being a ‘dumb pipe’, by investing in its partner network.  I’ve always believed that SingTel can be one of the queen bees to fuel innovation in Singapore and possibly Southeast Asia.  I’m glad they’re taking these steps to transform themselves – I just hope they adopt the right attitude and collaborate closely with their ISVs, beyond just throwing open a minute crack in that red walled garden of theirs.  I’ll let time will be the judge of that.

Check out this link for the official eDM.  I should be attending at least the morning half of the event agenda.  Hope to see some of you folks there~

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