Funding discrepancies exposed in report by AG raises ire

Although social media can be (and has proven to be) swifter than traditional media, one ultimately still has to rely on mainstream media when it comes to information from our government.  Earlier today, the Straits Times reported on some sloppy management of public monies (yours and mine, yes!) by some civil servants in Singapore.  The Attorney-General running the Attorney-General Office (AGO) – auditor of all government agencies (including Temasek and GIC) – detailed its findings annually in a public report that expouses better governance and value-for-money by civil servants in the management of public funds.  In the article, the A-G said that some civil servants were “lax in managing funds and had opted for convenience.

The Evidence

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Raised Ire

I‘ve heard mumblings and rumblings going on for a while now, so I can’t say I was terribly surprised after scanning the report myself.  Soon after, one of my contacts within my Facebook network let off much of his pent-up frustration over the issue.  It sounded like he had first-hand experience.  Although I did not comment in the following note, I thought the ensuing conversation was sufficiently interesting and representative of the grassroot feelings shared by local entrepreneurs, and hence certainly worth highlighting.  I think I know who the antagonist is…though you won’t be getting any names out of me!  Read on!

Facebook note and comments thread on discrepancies made public by AGD

The agencies have promised the A-G to tighten their processes. MDA is, among other things, introducing a system to track revenues from film projects.

Sloppy Civil Servants“, The Straits Times, 15 July 2009

Let’s hope everyone will get a better grade come same time next year!  In the meantime, I do hope the miscreants get taken to task, even if it ends up as a mild rap on their palms.  After all, I do pay my taxes on time!  I have a share in those misused monies! *waves fists*

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