Geek Terminal a victim of the times?

A friend of mine brought to my attention the possibility that Geek Terminal has since stopped operations.  A friend of his had gone there, only to find its doors shuttered.  I tried dialling their reservation number, only to receive a SingTel announcement service declaring that the number was no longer in use.  Its website appears to be still operating, and there’s no news on the blogosphere about this.

Located at 55 Market Street, Geek Terminal lays claim to being the world’s first business cafe and lounge and business office for corporate executives, travellers and geeks.  Cisco has a case study on how Geek Terminal deployed the Cisco Smart Business Communications System.  Countless bloggers have reviewed the place since it first opened its doors, and even though I’ve never visited Geek Terminal myself, it has been listed as venues for countless tech and entrepreneurship events since 2007.  In 2008, it launched ‘Geek Pass’, a membership programme that comes with an RFID-enabled membership card that stores customers’ F&B preferences.  Having established itself as the coolest cafe in town, it’s a real shame if it goes out with a whimper like this.

Does anyone have any info on its possible demise or know its founder Christopher Lee and can shed some light on Geek Terminal’s fate?

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