s/pores: “Once Bonded”

I was pleasantly surprised to read Yu-Mei Balasingamchow’s introspective article on her reflections as a bonded government scholar.  These are the sort of stuff that we scholars talk a lot about in person, but are never keen to share in any form online – and understandably so, especially after the AcidFlask incidentAcidFlask and I have been friends since we were 13.  I myself was very saddened by the entire fiasco, both by the untold sufferings endured by a highly opiniated but otherwise brilliant and patriotic friend, and by the harsh manner in which the issue was dealt with by representatives of the establishment.  As a consequence, I watch what I write with extra care, even as I have come to learn of our government’s increasing willingness to listen to contradictory views and opinions.

As for AcidFlask, I believe Singapore has lost him, and it is our loss.  Friend, I hope one day you will find the magnanimity in your heart to return to the land of your birth and join me in playing our part in fueling its continuing success.

I hope to write my own story one day.

s/pores is an e-journal that aims to provide a much-needed multi-disciplinary platform for the dissemination of works investigating different aspects of historical and contemporary Singapore society. Moving beyond statist perspectives, the journal encourages research that opens up space for recalibrating the status quo in Singapore.

Thanks SM, for forwarding me the article.

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