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Asia Venture Schwag launches

This is a plug for my pal Jeffrey’s latest projects – Asia Venture Schwag.  First reported by Marcus Chhan over at, Asia Venture Schwag is co-founded by Ng Cheng Wei and Jeffrey Paine, and is the Asian equivalent of Startup Schwag, which was founded in the Valley back in 2006.

“We’re pretty much the Asian version of them [Startup Schwag],” Asia Venture Schwag co-founder, Ng Cheng Wei said.

“But this is just the first step of something bigger that we’re building here, and eventually we want to create an entrepreneurial community which functions as more than a news platform,” Ng said.

Mohan and I had talked about a Crunchbase-equivalent for cool start-ups across Asia over coffee last month.  It’s cool to see Asia Venture Schwag using Uniqlo – I’m expecting the schwags to be quality.  It’s good that this venture is a transplant/copy with a prior successful role model to learn from.  As a pure execution/marketing play, Asia Venture Schwag has a highly attractive risk-reward profile that spells win-win-win for all its constituents (themselves, startups and consumers+prospective users). But what really rocks my socks is Asia Venture Schwag’s loftier ambitions (beyond its pay-for-direct-marketing business model of distributing monthly ‘schwags’) of fostering an equivalent Valley-ish start-up/geek culture and conversation across a much more fragmented Asia.  I like.

Get your subscription to Asia Venture Schwag at US$13.95 per month today!

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