Millionaire Asia & MDA: Investing in the Digital Media Industry

Earlier today, I spent 3 hours at a luncheon presentation co-organized by Millionaire Asia and Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA).  Apart from really good food by Taste Paradise, we were also treated to 15-minute pitches by 6 companies in the Interactive and Digital Media sector who were seeking to raise funding to finance their companies and media projects.  By now, I consider myself an old sea dog in the local technology waters – not an incredible achievement, given how shallow the Singaporean waters are – so it was no surprise that all 3 tech start-ups* on display were companies that I was already familiar with.

The crowd gets warmed up at Taste Paradise@ION

The crowd gets warmed up at Taste Paradise@ION

In order of sequence (and not merit), here’s the companies that pitched to some 40 to 50 of us at this afternoon’s event.

  1. The Biggest Loser Asia – franchise of the highly successful The Biggest Loser out of USA and are raising project financing for the first 3 seasons
  2. *Zopim – tech start-up who’ve bootstrapped for past 2 years on S$55k with a team of 5 and are now primed for market expansion with a seed round
  3. Shangri-la Pictures – new-kid-on-the-block film studio looking to raise project financing for 3 english-feature films with cross-border potential and showing compelling Asian content
  4. *Playware Studios Asia – local gaming studio raising capital to build and operate an online multi-media/modal/user portal for educational gaming
  5. *OrSiSo – social media aggregation and analysis of Social Media data across different platforms (desktop, mobile, web, TV)
  6. Neo Studios – film studio by actor/director Jack Neo, seeking investment for development of regional digital market place for distribution and consumption of digital assets over mobile/internet

Siddarth & Victor of Playware Studios delivers their 15-minute pitch

Siddarth (right) & Victor of Playware Studios delivers their 15-minute pitch

Despite knowing 3 of the start-ups relatively well beforehand, the event was still an eye-opener as media/film financing is a relatively new topic to me.  I won’t get into the gory details and go public with my thoughts about each company since this was a private event – buy me coffee if you’d really like to know more ;-).  I have to say though – I was mighty pleased with the manner in which Millionaire Asia and MDA had organized the luncheon presentation.  You can certainly be counting on me to be looking out for their next luncheon session, if the quality of their food is as good as what I had today!

Taste Paradise 6-course luncheon

  1. Duo of Wasabi Prawn & Curry Mayo Prawn
  2. Pan-seared Foie Gras on Bed of Peking Duck Reduction with Slice Roasted Duck
  3. Nourishing Double-boiled Sea Whelk Soup with Chicken
  4. Baked Fillet of Cod with Chef’s Miso Recipe
  5. Wok-fried Ramen w/ Pan-seared Scallop in Shrimp Stock
  6. Chilled Mango Puree with Sago & Pomelo
Wok-fried Ramen with Pan-seared Scallop in Shrimp Stock

Wok-fried Ramen with Pan-seared Scallop in Shrimp Stock

Don’t you think the food list sounds particularly compelling?

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