Innovation & Start-ups in Open Networks

Thanks to Daryl Tan and Tan Yinglan, I was able to get my hands on their recording of Joi’s recent talk and panel discussion when he was in town earlier this month, on the 14 and 15 September.  I sent the 1+Gb file through iMovie, and broke it up into 3 parts: (1) Joi’s 20-odd minute presentation on Innovation & Start-ups in Open Networks, (2) Joi’s take on why Singapore is in a good position to become an entrepreneur hub in Asia, and (3) the subsequent panel moderated by Tan Yinglan (Adjunct Professor, SMU), with participation by Rob Mee (founder, CEO of Pivotal Labs), Joi Ito, Bunnie (co-founder, VP Hardware Engineering of Chumby) and Richard Kelly (Associate Partner and Head of Shanghai office, IDEO).

The quality of the conversations from the event was the highest that I’ve ever seen, even during my time in the Valley.  It’s exciting to see Joi return to Singapore with more of his friends, and have him endorse Singapore as a possible location to develop an innovation ecology that has been sorely lacking for the longest time.  I’m sure many more wanted to attend, but couldn’t – which is why I’m posting the entire event here for all you peeps.

Joi makes his point while Rob looks on, as bunnie seems lost in thoughts.

Joi makes his point while Rob looks on, as bunnie seems lost in thoughts.

Enjoy, and remember to share with me your thoughts.

Innovation & Start-ups in Open Networks – Presentation

Joi Ito’s take on Singapore as an Entrepreneur Hub

Panel Discussion

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