Neoteny Singapore Camp 1

If you’re in the entrepreneurship and venture capital space, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the biggest and baddest unconference of the year come this December 12 and 13.  Those days will see a bunch of cool people from Singapore and abroad congregate at Neoteny Labs‘ inaugural event, “Neoteny Singapore Camp 1 (NSC1) – Connecting to the Hub of Asia“.

Right now, there isn’t much in terms of details for the event apart from the fact that it will be a 2-day event with keynotes and panels.  If you’re keen to participate and contribute content, do head on over to their Crowdvine event site to register.  Here’s what they have to say about the event:

NSC1 is an event in Singapore, taking place December 12-13, 2009. This event marks the launch of Neoteny Labs Singapore.

Presumably, Neoteny Labs will be Joi Ito and gang’s new gig in Singapore.  For more background, view the following video segment from Joi’s recent talk in Singapore on September 14.

Things certainly seem to be looking up for the tech ecosystem in sunny Singapore with the entry of Joi and his buddies.  Even if you’re not a fan of the unconference format, the event will be worth attending just to hear first-hand about their plans for Neoteny Labs.

Here’s to more good times ahead!

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