Update on Neoteny Singapore Camp 1

NSC1 is the first event (and a rather large one) that I have ever organized, so I’m really hoping that everything will run smoothly when December 12 and 13 finally arrives.  There has been a huge pile of logistics and coordination we’ve had to see to, and I’m glad to say I’ve had superb help from Sean, Tara, Mika, Joi, and all our wonderful sponsors, speakers and panelists who’ve agreed to grace the event with their presence.

Greenery along the side of a school building at SMU

Greenery adorns the facade of a school building at SMU

Someone asked for an EDM, so I spent some time cobbling the various pieces into the following presentation.

If you haven’t signed up, head on over to our Crowdvine site to register.  Attendance is free, and if our stellar cast of speakers and panelists aren’t enough, there will also be sumptuous catered lunch by Purple Sage on both days (vegetarian included).

Olympia has also been a great help, by offering our overseas guests a splendid rate at Swissotel (S$230 for base room, inclusive of breakfast and internet) during their stay in Singapore.  If you’re keen to get in, drop me a note.

I always get the feeling that I’m forgetting something.  Let’s hope it isn’t something disastrous heh.

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