Pivotal Labs (Singapore) is hiring!

Just caught this thread over at the Singapore Ruby Brigade by Carl, the Practice Manager for Pivotal Labs’ Singapore office.  I thought I’d mirror it to help one of Neoteny Labs’ key partners get started in Singapore in my own little way.

Pivotal Labs is looking to hire people who are fun to pair with, who enjoy doing really great quality engineering and who can work well around clients. Their primary products are ruby on rails sites, iphone apps and android apps for other companies, so experience in these is a plus, but not required.

Standups are a daily ritual at Pivotal Labs.

Standups are a daily ritual at Pivotal Labs.

Here’s more notes on working with Pivotal:

More notes on working with Pivotal:

Do Your Best Work
Our company is built by engineers for the sole purpose of delivering quality engineering services to our clients. We’re continuously improving our engineering practices so that people can do great quality work. All programming is done in pairs, code is written test first and we practice continuous integration and delivery of new features. Clients are located next to engineering teams so they can offer continuous feedback on progress and are never surprised by what is happening. Our practices are always improving and we’ll support you in trying out new things to make your work better.

Have Fun
We emphasize working at a sustainable pace so that you have time and energy for a life outside of work. We rotate teams and pairs often so
you work with a wide variety of engineering styles. Our focus on engineering quality and refactoring means that you have the time do things right. We have catered breakfast every morning and the pantry is kept well stocked.

Learn and Grow
The pair programming, emphasis on quality delivery and rotation of people between pairs, teams and projects means that people at Pivotal report learning and growing faster than any other engineering position. We want you to develop to your fullest potential as quickly as possible and will help you make that happen.

Pivot Pong - a staple for pivots looking to unwind at the end of a coding sprint.

Pivot Pong - a staple for pivots looking to unwind at the end of a coding sprint.

CTO Ian McFarland did a presentation recently at Hackerspace, on how agile software is done at Pivotal Labs. I took the liberty to compress his humongous 65mb file to 12+mb, and uploaded it to SlideShare for a better viewing experience. Safari almost choked when I tried to load the PDF directly.

Agile, the Pivotal way

Drop Carl a note at carl.at.coryellmartin.org with your resume if you’re interested. I’m sure Carl will be keen to chat, and perhaps schedule an interview.

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