bunnie of Chumby at HackerspaceSG

I‘ve known bunnie for almost a year now, and apart from his l33t skillz with both hardware and software, his cool hairdo never fails to put me to shame.  If you can peel yourself away from your missus/computer, you should definitely swing by to Hackerspace Singapore next Friday, on Aug 27, to check him (or his hair) out ;-).

Chumby designs quirky embedded linux computers for cloud-connected consumer electronics.  Their hardware and software are “hacker-friendly”, as they publish their schematics, design files and source code to enable individuals to be creative with their devices.

In next Friday night’s session, bunnie will give a presentation about the chumby ecosystem, how the device and the servers work, and also take apart the chumby One device and show us its guts.  He will also introduce a new product that is just entering Beta testing – the chumby hacker board, a product designed specifically to enable hackers to build their own embedded linux systems quickly and cheaply.  If you have an itch to hack during the presentation, bunnie will have a couple of devices available for you to play with.  There’s even a raffle at the end of the presentation for a consumer chumby One device and for a free spot in the hacker board Beta program!

Venue: Hackerspace Singapore, 70A Bussorah Street, Singapore 199483
Date/Time: August 27, 2010 @ 19:30 (7.30pm)

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Chumby recently opened an office in Singapore, and bunnie’s also looking to hire enthusiastic hackers to help develop their next-gen products in Singapore.  If you’re interested in a position, or are just curious about what chumby is all about, do attend the session at the Hackerspace.

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