SingTel hosts Accelerate 2010, gets momentum going for innovation in Asia

We’re slightly less than 4 weeks away from Accelerate 2010, taking place on September 22nd and 23rd later this year. It is SingTel Innovation Exchange‘s (and arguably Singapore and Asia Pacific’s) biggest show this year, with an anticipated turnout of close to 1,000 attendees at the Suntec Convention Expo. The SIX team has assembled a strong list of speakers, organized a series of keynotes, workshops and deal rooms, and will also be unveiling the top 50 web and mobile apps in Asia.

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The event page says its sole purpose is “to curate the design and development of applications, and facilitate businesses to gain fast access into the highest growth region – Asia.“. Telecom operators are struggling to redefine themselves in the increasingly packet-driven mobile landscape that’s since been dominated by Apple’s App Store, Google Android’s expansionary ambitions and even independent app stores the likes of GetJar. Mobile data rates are falling rapidly around the world, be it in developed or developing markets, and post- or pre-paid plans. All-you-can-eat application-specific (i.e. Twitter, Facebook) plans are also yesterday’s news. Read between the lines, and you’ll recognize Accelerate 2010 as an attempt by SingTel to stay relevant and pull its weight. With its 285-million subscriber base, the SingTel Group has the potential to be a meaningful market-maker in Asia – the event slogan of “Apps. Access. Asia” says it all.

I’ll be leading a Day 1 Start-up Mini Track session titled “Hacking Term Sheets”, where I’ll talk about the basics of term sheets, negotiations and how various clauses interplay in early-stage venture deals. I’ll also address any questions on term sheets that attendees may have. The first iteration by Joi at NSC1 was extremely well received, so I guess I’ll have to do my best not to mess up.

  • If you’re a software developer or a UX designer, whether it’s for web or mobile, you can come face to face with some top notch speakers from all major development platforms (Nokia, Samsung, Intel, Alcatel, Google, Ericsson, etc.), as well as many luminaries for keynotes and tracks (GetJar, Zynga, IDEO, Creative Commons, Pivotal Labs, Aviary, Ubisoft, etc.)
  • If you’re an entrepreneur or business developer, you can come to Accelerate to pitch your product to at least 6 market makers through SingTel’s regional associates. This is an excellent platform to “go regional”, especially for products that works well with telcos. If you’re a start-up still looking for investment, we’re also having an investment panel as well:
  • One way to get a free pass to Accelerate is to participate in i.Match where start-ups gets to pitch their new ideas to investors. You will need to be in Singapore a few days before for a pre-selection round (17 Sept).

Otherwise, there are still extremely cheap tickets sold by sponsors of the event, such as CodeAndroid.

With so much going on, you don’t want to miss out on the fun. Sign up today!

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