Hacking Term Sheets

Here’s my slides from “Hacking Term Sheets” at SingTel Accelerate 2010. It was my first ever professional presentation, so I was glad to see the room filled with people, and even happier to be peppered with questions towards the end. I thank you all for your time and interest, and I hope you enjoyed my session as much as I did delivering it.

I also delivered this at The New Context Conference in Tokyo on 1 Oct 2010, and beefed up my deck with 2 slides. My Slideshare entry has since been updated.

During my talk, I ran a quick poll; amongst the over 60 – 80 folks in the audience, only 2 had ever raised money from investors. If I’d given the same talk in the Valley, the number of raised hands would represent at least half the room. The early-stage venture capital scene in Southeast Asia is still finding its footing, and I’m looking forward to sharing what little I know to help entrepreneurs in this region and beyond.

I‘ll probably improve upon this talk over time. It’s about time I have a talk or two up my sleeve, so I’d appreciate any questions and comments from you to help refine my slides to be even more useful for entrepreneurs.

About James Chan

James Chan is an entrepreneur, investor, geek, photographer and husband/father based out of Singapore. Apart from frequent travels to Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia for work, James can also be found online via his trusty 15" Retina MacBook Pro or iPhone 6+.