Gone with the Bit

I saw this article over at DailyTech, and was promptly transported back to 1993 for the video’s duration of 9+ minutes, to the start of my computing journey. I was 12 years old then. My first computer didn’t even come with a mouse.

Back in the old days, my geeky (not nerdy) friends and I were jostling to see who could type faster on the keyboard, and squeeze the most out of conventional and UMB memory blocks in DOS. Our 2 favorite files were config.sys and autoexec.bat. Today, everything’s flipped on its head; during lunch, a kid no older than 10 cycled past me on his crappy looking bike, with his iPhone 4 glued to his ear, in a poorer residential area. In his world, the mobile smart phone is probably his first computing experience and user interface. He’s probably going to fall in love with $0.99 (or even free jailbroken) mobile games instead of $40-to-$50-a-pop console games. When he grows up, computing will most definitely get a lot more pervasive than him using his iPhone 4 while cycling. He may or may not become a geek, but he will most likely live long enough to see his kid grow up in the Age of the Singularity, where our human bodies and minds become increasingly and more deeply augmented with technology.

When that happens, geeks will truly rule the world.

Photo courtesy of www.joyoftech.com © 2001

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