SingTel i.Challenge 2011 – design tablet apps for businesses & win S$20,000

A tablet war has broken out amongst consumer electronic brands this year, with the shadow of Apple’s iPad 2 looming large over upstarts like RIM, Samsung, HP and Motorola. No coincidence then, that SingTel Innovation eXchange (SIX) has recently announced the SingTel i.Challenge11, to spur adoption of tablets by businesses to increase productivity.

You often hear that SingTel is connected to more than 400 million mobile subscribers in the world, but do you know that we have 120,000 cloud service users in Singapore alone?

With the convergence of SaaS, mobile, and cloud computing, customers such as Lee and Kim you see in the video are now looking for a seamless experience from their trusted service provider, and we are inviting you to join us to solve these needs.

To do so, SIX is adopting a Call-For-Proposal approach, with the lure of up to 4 final winners each receiving S$20,000. Concept submissions will open for a month from May 30th through June 30th, with final winning results to be announced sometime in October 2011 at Accelerate@TechVenture. There are 6 categories that SIX is looking for apps in, namely “Field Service Management”, “Asian Business Traveller”, “Data Driven Enterprise”, “The Business Exchange”, “Office on the Move” and “The Mobile Agent”. Pop on over to their App Categories page to find out more.

Lee Fong who runs SingTel SiX, was also kind enough to answer some questions over email:

Hey Lee Fong, good to see you and your SIX team out and about. Could you tell us a bit more about the role of SIX within SingTel?

SIX is really the evangelist of ideas in SingTel. Our role is to be the mouth piece of the innovative companies on their new ideas that will make good sense for our customers. Besides being the “sales” team for ideas to internal teams in SingTel. we create sharing session with customers, through our Ideation or iChallenge programs to bring our ISVs idea directly to customers. In a nutshell, our role is to figure out the key elements, process, systems and interactions that will bring IDEAS to RESULTS for SingTel and the innovative community.

Do you have a few words of advice you’d like to share with potential participants of the SingTel i.Challenge11? What are the important aspects they should be focusing on?

Focus on:

  • Answering customers’ needs. Don’t get over enthusiastic with features or technology. Focus on building simple solutions that matters to end users. It must solve a GAP in experience or in reaching new opportunities.
  • Built product not a SI service. Something that can be delivery and support with Scale, in SG and also potentially to the region.

With an ever-pervasive cloud and end-devices like smartphones and tablets, it’s almost as if computing has come full circle, from the old days of thin client computing, with servers the size of entire rooms, to the push for increasingly powerful end-client computing a few years back, to today’s tablet craze. How does SingTel SIX plan to capitalize on this trend to provide value to your external and internal stakeholders?

We have created a few very important properties here in SingTel.
If you take notice of our development, we started with

  1. Building our assets in multiple-high growth mkt from Asia to Africa
  2. Investing best network in Asia
  3. Reinforce our the no. 1 position in all products and “N” Screen in SG as well as No. 1 international data provider in Asia
  4. Creating Mobile Device Management Strategy to push through enterprise customers’ consumption of applications
  5. M2M platform for connected devices in Asia.
  6. We have worked over the past years with the industry and govt agencies in developing key concepts and delivery platform from Healthcare ( CLEO) to Education ( Eg Interactive text book ) that will create step transformation in how innovations can be delivered and consumed.

In summary, we have acquired the biggest customer base and built the best network. Developed our capabilities and platforms for the delivery of innovative solutions to customer. We think the time has come that SingTel engages the community to distinctively deliver our ability in SG and Asia.

We want the progressive companies that understand our customers to join us in this journey. We are not a technology platform, we are a customer platforms in SG and Asia, our role internal and externally is to push forth ideas that serve our customers. Making SingTel the unparallel service providers for consumer and enterprise customers in Singapore!

We can’t push forth the momentum of innovation by ourselves. We introduced leading ideas to our community with our Accelerate 2010, we acquire a huge customer base, developed insights to our customers and built platforms that are ready to delivery services to our customers. We are open ourselves and information to be interpreted. The community has to come forth help make this the ERA of Asia Innovations.

We hope the industry to join us in iChallenge, SIX will get as much traction and as much support from management, only as much as the community will response to us and push forth the momentum for innovation in Asia.

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