Startup Roots Speaker Series #2 Recap – Carl Coryell-Martin

Here’s a video of the aftermath of Startup Roots Singapore’s 2nd Speaker Series at Hackerspace.SG. Over 40 people showed up to listen to Carl’s new talk on waste in software engineering, and mingle and network with each other afterwards.

Carl spends time in a smaller group with our Startup Roots Summer Fellows, answering their questions.

One of our Summer Fellows, Laurence, wrote a blog post summarizing what he learnt from the Q&A and talk. Also, Carl has uploaded his slides to Slideshare, as follows:

The Startup Roots Singapore team would also like to thank Darius Cheung, who donated S$150 to the Startup Roots Singapore kitty, bringing our balance of funds up to S$1,159 as of the time of this post.

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