Startup Roots Speaker Series #4 Recap – Jeff Jonas & Ian McFarland

On top of the double billing at Startup Roots Singapore last Saturday with Jeff Jonas and Ian McFarland, we had another surprise in the form of a Channel News Asia filming crew, which had joined us at the last minute to collect some video footage for their up-coming 4-part series on innovation and entrepreneurship in Singapore. No one really seemed to notice the conspicuous video camera and boom microphone, as the 65-strong audience engaged strongly with Jeff and Ian in the extended 1 hour 15 minutes session over topics relating to careers, life choices, people management, the next big thing and other topics that have since slipped my rapidly aging mind.

We’re not recording and putting up any of our speaker series because we don’t have enough logistical resources, so our most sincere apologies to those of you who were hoping to catch it post-event, online. We might do it at some point down the road. @laurenceputra, who’s one of our fellows, wrote a better recap post than mine, so do check that out. I did however take better photos ;-), which is what I’ll leave you with.

And finally, it’s posts like this by @sharonlourdes, who’s also one of our fellows, that makes the effort Derrick, Zhuang and I are putting into Startup Roots Singapore all worthwhile.

Our 5th Startup Roots Singapore Speaker Series by Andrew Shane Huang (more commonly known as Bunnie) is in 2 weeks’ time. I’ll post something about that soon, so stay tuned!

Startup Roots Singapore Summer Fellows hang out with Jeff & Ian before the event.

G33k humor on the AC controller at Hackerspace.SG

Jeff Jonas compresses his life story and delivers it in 15 minutes with wit and humor.

Ian McFarland claims it's tough to follow after Jeff, but acquits himself more than well with his own life story.

Retro Skype & Facebook posters square off next to each other at Hackerspace.SG

The Startup Roots Singapore team photo - we finally took one!

Ian chatting with members of the audience after Q&A ends.

Jeff gets his share of love from the audience post-Q&A.

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