Startup Roots Speaker Series #5 Preview – Bunnie

After a 1+ week hiatus, the Startup Roots Singapore Speaker Series will be having its 5th session on June 30th this Thursday at 7:00pm with Andrew Huang, who’s more commonly and affectionately known to many of us as Bunnie – RSVP here.

Andrew Shane Huang is a 35 year old hardware hacker, known to some as bunnie, and others as that guy who hacked the Xbox and went on to write a book about itFinding the hidden key to the Xbox was an enjoyable distraction while he worked on getting his PhD in Electrical Engineering from MIT as part of Project Aries. Since then, he has written for (and been written about) in Make Magazine, has giving talks on the strategy of hardware openness and manufacturing practices in China, as experienced with the development of the opensource ambientinternet-based TV” called Chumby. When he’s not busy on such excursions, bunnie writes about hacking (and more specifically, Chumby hacking), technology in China, and even biology in exquisite detail on the bunnie studios blog (previously).


Bunnie moved to Singapore in July last year and recently moved the Chumby team in Singapore to their new office near Tras Street. He’s had ample time to familiarize himself since, which is why I think it will be interesting to hear about his experiences and perspectives on the emerging tech ecosystem here vis a vis the United States. Bunnie will give a talk for 15 to 20 minutes at Hackerspace.SG, before we break for Q&A and good ol’ networking.

6.30pm: Bunnie’s fireside chat with Startup Roots Singapore Summer Fellows
7.00pm: Bunnie’s talk to the public
7.30pm: Networking

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See you there! And remember to follow @StartupRootsSG for future updates.

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