ViKi raises US$20M, gives Singapore tech scene something to shout about

By now, the good news is all over the Internet. AllThingsD and TechCrunch broke the news earlier today. Yahoo published the press release. Local tech blogs soon picked it up, with coverage by SG Entrepreneurs. I expect e27 and Penn Olsen to be publishing their coverage soon enough, followed by coverage by mainstream press next week.

I helped Razmig hire his first few engineers when he first arrived in Singapore, and had the honor of clicking “send” after Razmig had collated all the signed documents for the US$20M round, but real credit has to go Razmig and his team at ViKi; they’ve worked super hard since we invested last year; assembling a kick-ass team in sunny Singapore and growing its content, community and revenue along the way. Razmig is super sharp and smart and has the right experience and connections to take ViKi to great heights. Joi’s been fantastic on ViKi’s board and it’s a pleasure to see pros in action. I’m glad we’re investors.

Sam Holmes at WSJ wrote a great piece that explores the magic behind ViKi and its community, and says:

Singapore has long struggled to incubate a home-grown Silicon Valley-style startup scene. But at least one new Internet outfit in the city-state has succeeded in attracting a lot of eyeballs – and some venture capital, too.

ViKi is the first, and if we’d have it our way, won’t be the last of the lot that comes out of Neoteny Labs’ portfolio or the Singapore tech ecosystem. All the ecosystem needs to achieve critical mass is for one company to exit in a big way to act as a shining beacon for investors and entrepreneurs, and ViKi might just be it ;-).

Flickr photo of Razmig courtesy of Joi

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