Leaping back into action Awaking from 2 years of deep blogging slumber

Photo: me in mid-leap, soaring above the wildflowers of Death Valley, CA – circa 7 Mar 2005

Oh boy, it’s been a while; but it’s good to be back.

I did some blogging housekeeping as yesterday’s Saturday transitioned over to today’s Sunday. I dusted off my WordPress login credentials, deleted unused plugins and gave this site a new theme. It doesn’t sound like much, but I ended up taking more than 2 hours. One part of it was all my fiddling around with the theme configuration and TypeKit. The other part was just languid procrastination from having to actually write something meaningful. The kids and wife are asleep, and I’m back in my zone in the wee hours of morning; a throwback to my college days.

A lot (of good stuff) has taken place since my last blog post 527 days ago, most of it work and some of it personal. Silicon Straits – the company I founded in Nov 2012 – has since grown to 50-strong, spanning Singapore, Ho Chi Minh and Yangon. I had a second child, my princess Kiera. The US$5M fund I started with Joi returned US$6.7M with another US$13+M in unrealized value. I’ve met many more new and interesting friends, and lost one (or two) along the way. I can also see more good stuff on the horizon, which means there’s plenty for me to be grateful for, but I’m strangely melancholic.

The human condition is one that I’ve never had to fret much over. Life was never quite a box of chocolates for me; I knew what I was going to get for much of my life, so much so that the next step was mostly crystal-clear; the greedy algorithm never failed. As I got older, married and had kids, I’ve found myself increasingly sensitive to the implications of my decisions and afflicted by the country and world that my loved ones and I are in. With that, I find myself struggling to make those tough calls. I guess it’s part of being an adult; we’ve got that much more to lose, that many more loved ones to be responsible to. It’s weird, because we have less time on this world with every breath we take, and given past experiences and limited time, should be getting better at making the (bigger) tough calls. I wanted to get back to blogging because the act of writing forces me to think more clearly; it’s part of my (lunar) new year resolution to try and free myself from self-imposed shackles.

Although Joi and I no longer see each other much, I still consider him to be my mentor. I’ve learnt to read between his lines a fair bit over the years as we worked together on the fund and our portfolio of companies. He’s also a very open person to begin with, so I think I’m still able to reap some benefits of his wisdom from 15,123.56 kilometres away. His blog post on “gurus, goals and mindfulness” has framed my ongoing journey to evaluate my own self awareness and path of enlightenment.

It’s getting late, and my state of mind will continue to be a work-in-progress, so let’s leave it at that for this post and embrace what tomorrow will bring.

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James Chan is an entrepreneur, investor, geek, photographer and husband/father based out of Singapore. Apart from frequent travels to Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia for work, James can also be found online via his trusty 15" Retina MacBook Pro or iPhone 6+.